Updated 4/22/2017




Cheese Plate

Jasper Hill Oma, Candied Nuts, Local Honey, Grapefruit Champagne Jelly, Served with Housemade Bread

Charcuterie Plate

Beet Pickled Eggs, House Cured Coppa, Brawn, Spanish Sardines, Pickled Black Radish, Cornichon, Beer Mustard, Housemade Bread

Chef's Board

Jasper Hill Oma, House Cured Coppa, Brawn, Spanish Sardines, Pickled Black Radishes, Candied Nuts, Beer Mustard, Local Honey, Grapefruit Champagne Jelly, Housemade Bread


Small Plates


Local Greens

Dressing of the Moment

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

with saffron aioli

Bone Broth

Bright chicken broth with parsley & lemon. Served with buttered toast

Whole Boiled Artichoke

Roasted Lemon Creme Fraiche, Melted butter


Large Plates



Massaged lacinato kale, sprouts, anchovies, fried garlic, herb breadcrumbs parmesan reggiano

chicken confit optional

Shiitake Kerchief

Beurre blanc, ricotta, basil

Meatball Sandwich

Beef heart and bone marrow meatball, mozzarella, housemade potato roll

Bucatini Affogato

Anchovy Lemon Sauce, Served with Housemade Bread

Baked Pasta

Torchio, Ricotta, Tomato Sauce, Breadcrumbs

Lamb Burger

Mint Gremolata, Chevre, Greens, Potato Roll

Italian Sub

Capicola, Spicy Soppressata, Genoa Salami, Mortadella, Provolone                    Pickled Peppers, Dressing, Housemade Roll





Key Lime Panna Cotta

Served with Nilla wafers


Cherry semifreddo, chocolate mousse, Herrel's pistachio ice cream

Chocolate Pudding

Served with maple whipped cream


No. Six Depot espresso, sweet cream ice cream, cinnamon butter crumble